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Masan High-Tech Materials to forge a strategic alliance with Mitsubishi Materials: MMC to invest US$90 million for a 10% stake in MHT


马山高科技材料与三菱综合材料打造战略联盟:三菱综合材料(MMC)投资九千万美元获得 10%




Ho Chi Minh City, 26 October 2020  Masan High-Tech Materials Corporation (“MHT” or the “Company”) signed definitive agreements to establish a strategic alliance in the tungsten industry with Mitsubishi Materials Corporation (“MMC”) with an objective to develop a leading, high-tech tungsten materials platform. As part of the strategic alliance, MMC will subscribe for 109,915,542 newly issued ordinary shares via a private placement for a total cash consideration equivalent to US$90 million (the “Strategic Investment”). On completion of the transaction, MMC will own 10.0% of the fully diluted share capital of the Company and becoming the second largest shareholder.

胡志明市,2020  10  - 马山高科技材料公司以下简称 MHT 或公司与三菱综合材料集团

以下简称 MMC)签署在钨行业建立战略联盟的最终协议,目标是发展一个领先的、高科技钨材料平台。作为战略联盟的一部分MMC 将会通过私募认购总计九千万美元的 109,915,542 新发行普通股(战略投资)。交易完成,MMC 会持有 10.0%公司完全稀释后的股本,成为第二大股东。 


Post completion of the Strategic Investment, the parties shall discuss developing a separate business

unit to strengthen and unlock synergies for each respective parties’ mid-stream tungsten platform.



The ability to offer cutting edge solutions to customers and the strategic flexibility of being integrated across the value chain is a critical factor to delivering sustainable growth and will continue to be a critical factor in the tungsten space. MHT prides itself on delivering continuous improved and innovative product offerings. MHT is one of the only tungsten platforms that benefits from consistent supply of primary (concentrates) and secondary raw (recycled) materials that are then further processed into the finest quality oxides, powders, carbides and chemicals. The success of MHT is underpinned by a combination world-class research and development with dedicated applications engineers that have a track record of delivering fine-tune specifications to meet end customers evolving demands.

为客户提供最解决方案的能力和在价值链上整合的战略灵活性是获得可持续增长的一个关键因素,在钨行业将来也会这样。MHT 引以为傲的是其交付的产品具有持续改进和革新性。MHT 是的一个既能持续供应钨矿又能持续供应回收材料的钨平台,并由此加工成更好品质的氧化钨、粉末、碳化钨以及化工产品。MHT 的成功来自于由具有奉献精神的工程师组成的世界一流研发团队,交付精调的产品,满足客户不断发展的需求。


Post the closing of the H.C Starck (HCS) acquisition, a leading global mid-stream tungsten business, in June this year, MMC’s participation as a strategic partner is a validation of management’s transformation into a vertically integrated high-tech tungsten platform. MMC will add significant value as a strategic partner and through partnering the parties will be positioned to develop better leading- edge solutions for end customers which will accelerate growth, including:


今年6月收购全球领先的钨中游平台-世泰科后,MMC 作为战略合作伙伴确立了公司转型为垂直整合的高科技钨平台。战略伙伴 MMC 将会提供重大增值,定位于为客户提供更好的先进解决方案,助力增长,包括:

1. Establishing opportunities for joint collaboration and investment in revolutionary research and development of key technologies to enhance the parties’ respective high-tech tungsten portfolio; 为联合协调和投资关键技术中突破性的研发而创造机会,以强化各自的高科技钨产品组合。 

2. Enhancing the ability of both MMC and MHT to provide industry leading quality and performance of high-tech tungsten materials products going forward; and 强化 MMC  MHT 一步为行业提供高科技钨材料产品的能力,尤其是领先品质和性能,并且

3. Strengthening the sales network in the Asia Pacific region, which will broaden the consumption of MHT’s fine powders in the Asia Pacific region. 强化在亚太地区的销售网络,拓宽 MHT 质粉末在亚太的应用。


I am extremely proud that we are starting to realize our strategic vision. Forging a strategic alliance with MMC will certainly accelerate our vision to become an end to end global high-tech industrial materials platform. Our customers will benefit the most as this partnership will strengthen our capabilities to supply, quality and innovative products and solutions. The alliance also positions MHT and HCS to build a mid-stream tungsten Asian franchise, which is the missing piece of our strategic puzzle. I am extremely excited and looking forward to developing a long-term, win-win partnership with MMC.” said Craig Bradshaw, Chief Executive Officer of MHT.


MHT 首席执行官 Craig Bradshaw 先生说:“我非常自豪我们已经开始实现我们的战略愿景。和MMC 打造战略联盟将会加速实现我们成为高科技工业材料平台的这一愿景。这种合作伙伴会强化我们在供应、品质和产品革新以及提供解决方案方面的能力,使我们的客户收益更大化。还能帮助 MHT 和世泰科建立亚洲连锁,这是之前在我们战略中缺失的一块。我非常兴奋并期待和MMC 建立长期的双赢伙伴关系。


Makoto Shibata, Director, Chief Financial Officer of MMC, said “We have set the tungsten business including the cemented carbide tool business to be one of the major pillars of our growth strategy. I am excited about a new collaboration, which our investment in MHT will create and must have a significant impact in our future.


MMC 首席财务官,柴田 周先生认为:“我们把包括碳化钨工具在内的钨业务作为我们增长战略的一个支柱。通过我们在 MHT 投资获得的新协作,将会对我们的未来有重大影响。

Credit Suisse acted as exclusive financial advisor to MHT.


瑞信是 MHT 的财务顾问


Closing of the Strategic Investment is subject to inter alia certain regulatory approvals (including

governmental approvals in Vietnam) as well as MHT shareholders’ approval.


投资政策的披露需要特定监管的批准(包括越南政府批准),以及 MHT 股东的批准。


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